On May 11, 2012, USEPA Region 3 released additional and expanded test results from samples of well water in Dimock, Pennsylvania.  Consistent with its three sets of prior findings, which we previously discussed, Region 3 found no samples exceeding federal drinking water standards for any of a wide range of contaminants.  Roy Seneca, speaking for USEPA Region 3, stated that the latest round of test results “did not show levels of contaminants that would give EPA reason to take further action.” 

Region 3’s testing program arose last year in response to concerns raised by Dimock residents that nearby oil & gas activities, including hydraulic fracturing, had impaired area water quality.  Dimock became a cause celebre for groups opposed to hydraulic fracturing after release of the 2010 film Gasland, which featured the town and the concerns of some of its residents.

Region 3’s validated data summary report for 59 of the 61 homes that the agency sampled is publicly available in a large PDF file at the following link (according to Reuters, the remaining two homeowners could not be contacted in time to authorize release of their data).  Additional information regarding Region 3’s Dimock sampling protocol can be found at the following section of Region 3’s webpage.