Senate Bill 1100, which passed out of the Pennsylvania Senate 29-20, is now pending in the House Finance Committee. The bill would consolidate oil and gas provisions, and amend the Shale Impact Fee on Unconventional Wells. In the first year of production, a fee base of $50,000 would be in place that would decrease to a $10,000 fee base in production years 11-20. The fee would no longer apply after the 20th year of production. Some exceptions would apply. The bill also modifies well permit requirements and permit denial provisions. SB 1100 would modify well location restrictions by increasing setback distance requirements, protection of water supplies by requiring an operator to replace the water supply and well reporting requirements. The bill would increase bonding requirements for wells with a total well bore length greater than 6,000 feet, enforcement orders, and civil and criminal penalties. Containment and transportation regulations are part of the bill as well as emergency response information, notification provisions to public drinking water systems, corrosion control requirements and a model ordinance.

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